Patpol Breakfast – where business meets breakfast in style!

We would like to share with you information about our innovative Business Breakfast, which we organize jointly with Patpol Legal here in Poland.
Although we currently focus on serving our local clients, we proudly want to tell you about how we operate in the domestic market. 
Business Breakfast with Patpol Breakfast are unique meetings that combine delicious breakfast with productive business conversations. Our events are intended for lawyers  from legal departments, management, marketers, R&D staff, and entrepreneurs interested in the topic of intellectual property protection. 

What sets our Business Breakfasts apart? 

Convenient Location: Our meetings take place in the center of Warsaw, which attracts not only with its convenient location but above all with an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity. 
Rich Menu: Our menu includes a wide selection of dishes, from traditional Polish cuisine to international specialties, to satisfy even the most discerning palates. 
Valuable Meetings:Our Business Breakfasts are not only an opportunity to establish new business contacts but also to exchange ideas and experiences with other entrepreneurs.

Why do our clients in Poland appreciate our Business Breakfasts so much? 

Diverse Topics: We strive to ensure that the topics of our meetings are diverse and varied, meeting the needs of different audience groups.
Hospitality: We are proud of our Polish hospitality, which makes every participant in our meetings feel welcome and appreciated.
Professionalism: We take care of every detail of our events, providing professional service and high-quality services.

Although we currently focus on serving clients from Poland, we encourage you to follow our news and opportunities that may arise in the future. 

Thank you for your interest and trust! 

Watch a short video from the October breakfast.

Patpol Breakfast

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