Utility models are new and useful solutions of a technical nature, concerning the shape, construction and juxtaposition of an object of a durable form. In order to apply for a utility model to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and the European Patent Office, it is necessary to prepare the indispensable documentation, the scope of which is determined by national and Community legislation.

We offer our clients comprehensive representation services to the competent authorities in obtaining protection rights. We deal with both the preparation of the required documents and the conduct of proceedings. We also carry out professional translations of the collected documentation, which is necessary at the phase of submitting an application of the design to the European Patent Office.

Utility model protection

One of the basic ways to protect a particular product is a utility model protection. In order to obtain the protection, it is necessary to initiate proceedings with the Patent Office, in which we help our clients. The first phase of cooperation is always a thorough analysis of the case, allowing to get acquainted with the subject to be protected, as well as the expectations of the client.

The protection of a utility model follows a procedure before which it must be verified that a particular product has not been previously registered. To do this, we perform a specialized technical state-of-the-art study, analyzing patent literature. If the product proves to be innovative, then we proceed to develop an application, a description of the utility model and other documents required by law. We represent our clients before the competent authorities without using intermediaries.

Application for a utility model protection

In order to properly protect the interests of our customers, we apply to the Patent Office to confirm that a utility model application has been submitted. This is a so-called proof of priority, which protects the applicant in a situation where several entities have requested protection of similar models. We also apply this solution if a safeguard procedure is in place outside the country.

We provide professional service throughout the proceedings before the relevant authority, including in case of violation of utility models. Proper substantive preparation and many years of experience in industrial property protection law guarantee the highest quality of services offered. Our team consists of outstanding specialists ? patent attorneys specialized in various fields ? mechanics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, pharmacy or electronics.