Additional protection right (Supplementary Protection Certificate) allows patent protection to be extended, up to a maximum of 5 years, to a medicinal product or plant protection product with a valid patent. Our IP law firm specializes in conducting proceedings, the object of which is to obtain additional protection right. The scope of services includes, among others: preparation of documentation, supervision of deadlines, payment of fees or execution of searches in patent literature.

Applications for SPCs are sent to both the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and the European Patent Office. We provide our customers with a comprehensive service until a positive administrative decision is obtained. Our team are specialists in various fields, including patent attorneys and lawyers which guarantees a professional approach to each of the cases.

Additional protection right for invention

The additional protection law on the invention, referred to in English as the Supplementary Protection Certificate, is separate from patent protection. In order to obtain it, we prepare applications on behalf of our clients, in accordance with the relevant laws, national and EU regulations. We also represent patent owners at the phase of the formal examination, providing answers or explanations to which the applicant is obliged by the office.

Cooperation with our law firm also includes the final phase of the procedure, which is the adoption of a decision. If the office notified of its intention to take a negative decision, we take a position on a specific case, referring, among others, to the evidence gathered. If the decison does not take into account our client’s requests, we apply for the case to be reconsidered, and if necessary, file a complaint with the competent administrative court.

Additional protection law

Since the additional protection right is an essential safeguard for the interests of the inventor, it is worth entrusting the conduct of the proceedings to an experienced law firm. We would like you to take advantage of our offer, in which, in addition to obtaining SPC, we also provide comprehensive service for all matters related to the protection of intellectual property. We carry out procedures involving the declaration of an invention, both on Polish territory and around the world.

We guarantee the highest quality of service, substantive support at every phase of the ongoing proceedings, as well as prepare legal opinions, warning letters and conduct negotiations in case of patent infringement. The patent application to the Patent Office is preceded by a thorough analysis of the patent literature, which makes it possible to prove the innovation of the invention.