An IP strategy that includes intellectual property rights is an effective protection of the interests of an entrepreneur, building a competitive advantage for any business. We offer our clients comprehensive solutions in this regard, including matching protective instruments for individual resources, but also drawing up opinions on validity or nullity, which allows to determine whether the intellectual property rights of another party are valid and/or enforceable.

It is worth remembering that properly protected innovations created by companies allow for measurable economic effects, in the form of benefits from their own ideas. In order for this process to be implemented effectively, intellectual property management strategies created by our IP law firm are necessary. We rely on many years of experience and excellent substantive preparation of our experts, which guarantee the highest quality of services provided.

Protection of intellectual property

An IP strategy is, among other things, effective protection of intellectual property. As part of the services offered to our clients, we identify the risks they face by using IP resources and recommend the best protection for them. We are also investigating the potential occurrence of the infringement and, consequently, the customer’s liability to another intellectual property owner.

The strategy also offers great opportunities for business development, enabling the identification of niches and market deficits that can be answered by a client’s technology, invention or a completely new product. The search for solutions used by competing brands in patent databases facilitates this task, while identifying the duration of protection for already registered solutions.

Reporting intellectual property infringements

A comprehensive IP strategy covers all innovations created by an entrepreneur, while indicating how they should be protected, which greatly facilitates the reporting of intellectual property infringements. In this regard, we also assist our clients by offering their representation, at the phase of the arbitration procedure, when the ongoing negotiations are to lead to a satisfactory settlement. In the absence of an agreement, we also provide support through legal proceedings.

If you are looking for support in creating a comprehensive IP strategy of the company – we encourage you to work with us. To find out the details of the offer and the range of services, please contact our specialists, who will answer all your questions and prepare an attractive offer of cooperation.