Within the scope of our services there is the preparation of documentation necessary to obtain a patent. We carry out procedures both in Poland and in the European Union, using our many years of experience and a team of specialists in various industry fields. Cooperation with recognized IP law firms located all over the world allowed us to expand the scope of services also to countries located outside the European Union.

Patent protection is often infringed, which is why we also have procedures in the catalogue of services in case of infringement of issued patents. In this case, we advise on the strategy of conduct, prepare legal opinions, warning letters and conduct negotiations. In situations requiring a court order, we represent our clients before the courts of all instances.

Patent application

When preparing a patent application for our clients, we collect the necessary documentation, as well as conduct searches in the patent literature available online, in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, in international collections, and also in our own database. We submit the patent application together with the description of the invention, the patent claim and the drawings to the competent authority and then monitor its processing. If required, we provide the necessary explanations.

We also conduct objections and patent revocation cases for our clients. We bring these measures against the decisions on granting a patent issued by the Patent Office in Poland, as well as the European Patent Office. At every stage of the ongoing proceedings, we represent our clients until a final settlement is reached. We also work with patent owners to prepare opinions on the scope of patent protection, as well as developing protection programs and licensing agreements.

European patent

Our specialization is also the European patent, that is, the procedure for obtaining patent protection in the Member States, but also the validation of European patents in Poland. As part of these services, we translate and submit European applications to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, after publication by the European Patent Office. We also offer our clients the translation and submission of European patents.

Cooperating with experienced IP law firms around the world, we monitor pending proceedings, their deadlines, and pay the required fees to foreign patent offices. We represent clients at every phase of the case until a final decision is reached. We also deal with issues related to customs detention resulting from patent infringements. In this regard, we make requests for customs protection, cooperate with the customs offices, and also represent clients at the phase of legal proceedings.