Among our services is the management of the Intellectual Property portfolio, which increases the market value of the company. As a fundamental element of each company’s development, we see the integration of intellectual property into the company’s goals and business strategy. We help to comprehensively manage IP portfolio, which is implemented by experienced patent and trademark attorneys.

Effective management of the intellectual property portfolio is also necessary during the valuation of the company intended for sale, preparation of licensing agreements, acquisition of additional capital or negotiations. Portfolio management is carried out by consulting, comprehensive and up-to-date reports, as well as monitoring the portfolio of a particular company and notifying about important deadlines and opportunities.

Intellectual Property Audit

The first step to effective IP portfolio management is an intellectual property audit. It is carried out by experienced patent and trademark attorneys, employed in our IP law firm. Their task is to identify opportunities with regard to the use of company patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights both tangible and intangible, and thus increase the company’s value.

The company’s time and resources for research and development provide a competitive advantage for the company. The aspect is a great value resulting from the effective management of intellectual property. The implementation of this solution translates into a constant increase in revenues, supporting the further development of companies and their employees. We provide the care of professional attorneys who will help in the proper direction of the development of the company.

Intellectual property infringements

Very often there are infringements of intellectual property. By working with us, you gain comprehensive protection, during which we will constantly monitor, as well as warn about potential violations and objections. Intellectual property protection also includes a portfolio review and verification to ensure that protection status is valid. What’s more, we maintain and manage renewals and fees, as well as analyze and present observed market trends that help clients make conscious decisions.

If you wish the intellectual property of the company to be effectively protected and also have tangible financial outcomes, we encourage you to work with us. Our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and also present a proposal for cooperation.