Happy Easter!

As Easter is approaching, we wish you a lot of joy, peace and optimism.

Let this time be a respite from daily routines and an opportunity to take a breath and spend time in the company of the closest ones.

May the coming Easter bring you prosperity and lots of reasons to smile and relax in beautiful springtime.

Joanna Piłka Comments on the Trademark Protection in Poland for The Trademark Lawyer Magazine

In the latest Trademark Lawyer magazine Joanna Piłka explains why it is worth protecting trademark Czytaj dalej

Looking forward to seeing you on INTARG 2022 in Katowice.

This coming Wednesday and Thursday, May 11-12, we invite you to Katowice, where the international Czytaj dalej

Fewer trademark registrations in Poland, the growing number of Polish entrepreneurs choosing the EUTM registration

After the years 2016 and 2017, which were abundant in national trademark applications filed in Czytaj dalej