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Photo with Monika Mamzeta with the award at Grand Press Photo 2021!

We are very pleased to inform you about a special success of Monika Zielińska, lawyer and patent attorney in Patpol, and also an artist known as Monika Mamzeta.

In the latest edition of the most important photography contest in Poland – Grand Press Photo 2021, a photo by Mateusz Skwarczek, on which Monika Mamzeta is posing, have won the third place in the PORTRAIT category.

As an artist, Monika Mamzeta deals with the difficult, but very important breast cancer topic. She creates photographs, videos, as well as sculptural and multimedia installations.

The award is certainly a remarkable distinction and appreciation of her work.

Congratulations Monika!

The awarded photo you can see her.

(Photo: Mateusz Skwarczak)