“R in a circle” or what the symbols next to the trademarks mean?

Today we are answering a number of questions that are continuously puzzling you: When the symbol (R) can be used? What does (T) stand for? What other symbols can also be used to denote one’s rights?

These questions are repeatedly sent to our office’s e-mail, so let me discuss the relevant legal issues to clarify the returning ambiguities.

It provides a straightforward notice that a trademark is registered. The use of the symbol (R) is governed by the Polish Law on Industrial Property (hereafter: the PIP Law). According to the currently binding regulations, this symbol can only be used by a person, in the name of whom the right of protection for a trademark has been granted.

“The right holder may indicate that their mark was registered by placing the letter (R) enclosed within a circle next to the trademark.”  – art. 153 par. 13 of the PIP Law

This means that a trademark, next to which the symbol (R) appears, has already gone through the registration procedure before the Polish Patent Office and it has been granted a right of protection.

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