Patpol took the honorary adoption od suricates in the Warsaw Zoo!

We are pleased to officially announce the cooperation between Patpol and the PANDA Foundation, under which our firm became a sponsor and took the honorary adoption of suricates living in the Warsaw Zoo.

The act of adoption and the board that will be installed at the suricates paddock were handed over to us by the director of the Warsaw Zoo, Dr. Andrzej Kruszewicz.

Although our contribution is only a drop in the ocean of needs, we are sure that it will help to provide the best care that these cute animals may require.

This action on our part is also intended to encourage everyone to visit and support the zoos wherever the need arises.

It is worth remembering that zoos play an extremely important role not only in making us aware of how beautiful the nature is, but also (and perhaps above all) in rebuilding the population of the endangered species.

Therefore, we would like to speak it out loud – let’s support zoos and visit them … not only with children!


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