Patpol supports the project “Itsy-bitsy CANCER” leaves you with a SCAR – by artist Monika Mamzeta and the Wall Gallery

Many women in Poland live with breast cancer without even being aware of it, and when they find out about it, it is often too late to carry on with a proper treatment therapy. That is why early stage and regular breast tests are so important.

In the view of promoting the habit of regular screening preventive examinations that can save lives, Patpol decided to support the art project by Monika Mamzeta and the Wall Gallery. Monika Mamzeta is a graduate of The Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw. She works as a trademark attorney, and at the same time she is an artist who creates sculptural and multimedia installations, photographs and videos. She has been fighting breast cancer for many years. In 2015, she underwent a mastectomy. “Itsy-bitsy CANCER” leaves you with a SCAR” is an international competition for a tattoo design, organized by the artist, which will be created in the place after her breast. The winning concept will be realized on Monika Mamzeta’s body by the end of 2020.

“As every woman, I know how important cancer prevention and regular examinations are for us. At the same time, I am aware of the sad statistics about unnecessary victims of breast cancer, victims that could have been avoided if only ladies had reacted early enough. That is why we decided to support the project – Itsy-bitsy CANCER ” leaves you with a SCAR, which through art reaches the audience with an important message: fight the disease and stay beautiful. ” – said Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz, managing director of Patpol.

“Most of the Patpol team are women who are outstanding specialists in their areas of specialization, working, just like Monika, as patent and trademark attorneys. Knowledge is the key to success in this profession. As is education in the field of breast cancer and increasing women’s awareness, which is the key to a successful fight against this disease. ” – commented Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz.


For more information about the project “Itsy-bitsy CANCER” leaves you with a SCAR – visit the website:

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