Patpol and Patpol Legal at Polish Cheese Congress!

Autumn is the time of many events and industry conferences, which Patpol cannot miss!

This time we will be present at the Polish Cheese Congress, during which patent attorney Joanna Piłka and advocate Jakub Słupski will explain the practical aspects of trademark protection, as well as ways to pursue their claims infringements.

As always, we will present a lot of examples from the market and answer all your questions.

See you in Mrągowo!

Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz awarded as IP Star 2021

Congratulations to Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz, Managing Director at Patpol, who was awarded by IP STARS (Managing IP) with Czytaj dalej

Nina Jankowska for the AGROIndustry magazine

Not only packaging, but also chocolates in an unusual shape or fancifully wrapped cookies can Czytaj dalej

dr Katarzyna Jedynak on Life Sciences IP Summit in Munich!

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